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I won't lie -- this community is all about getting people to write more fic in my fandom of-the-moment.

To that end, it's a place where I'll be posting challenges every week designed to make that happen. Your job? Get inspired, if you can. Post your responses to the challenges here (and anywhere else you wish -- no exclusivity here). A 'flash-fic' was originally defined as a story of 1000 words, but there are no limits here. If the challenge kicks a drabble out of you? Post it. A novel? Post... well, post a link, perhaps. :D

The community is open to fiction, poetry, and art of *all* genres, so long as the stories are based in the DCU. (Comics -- Vertigo fic is also welcomed, toons, and movies) Crossovers with other universes are also welcome. Smallville has many communities of its own, so unless you're writing a crossover with some other DC sub-universe? Not so much. Warnings aren't necessary, unless you like to use them. (And no, "flash fic" does not -- necessarily -- mean 'stories about Flash, Kid Flash, or characters from The Flash.' This is for everyone from The Atom to Zatanna.)

Cut-tags are *vastly* appreciated, as are people who take the time to spell-check their work -- or get it edited.

Comments or questions? You know where to take them. Welcome, and enjoy. :D

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