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Greetings and a Challenge

Hullo, gang. I was looking for some good DC fic, and I seem to have stumbled across the right place. :-) Looking forward to diving in!

While I'm here, I figure I might as well post this challenge idea that's been going around in my brain the last couple days. Not sure if anyone else here is a JSA fan, but anyway, here goes.

You've probably seen those MicroHeroes icons that seem to be popping up all over the place? Well, at www.comicboards.com/jsa , right before you get to the posts, they have 8 randomly-selected MicroHeroes of various JSAers and other Golden Age heroes. Each time you reload, it's a different 8. The combinations can get quite interesting.

Okay, now the challenge, simply, is this: Take whatever 8 heroes you're given, and write a story. Any style, any continuity, any rating, any genre. But don't cheat and reload the page until you get a lineup you want. Play the hand you're dealt. :-)

Have fun!
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