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... yeah, it's been a while. Your point?

I've been a bit down lately, and one of the things I do to cheer myself right up is to peruse fanart I've adored. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who does this, and so, to that end...

A Thousand Words

Granted, there's all sorts of fanart in this fandom which is already based on/meant to illustrate various works of fan-fiction, but I can't be the only one who has looked at a piece of fanart meant for me and wanted to write a whole different story.

So why don't you, hmm? Or put a story to something which has never had one, and really ought to. Like, really.

Looking for references? Start at comics_fanart and go from there.

And, you know, fanartists... now's an excellent time to try a remix or two. And to pimp your stuff *wildly*. I know there's a few of you who've wanted writers to do things with some of your art -- why not link those pics here? :D

ETA: red_eft wants us to know that her art can all be found here *pins gold star on Red for the pimping*

darkj3 has her art here!

Audz is here!
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